121 Creve Coeur Avenue
Manchester, MO  63011
Fax (636)386-4780
McFry Excavating has been providing quality grading and excavating to the St. Louis, Missouri, area since 1956.

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McFry Excavating, Inc.
121 Creve Coeur Avenue

Manchester, MO  63011

Phone: 636-386-4779

Fax: 636-386-4780
Email: mcfry@mcfry-excavating.com

Lisa Kelpe:  President/Owner, mcfry@mcfry-excavating.com

Doug Povis:  Operations Manager, dpovis@mcfry-excavating.com

Tim Clynes:  Field Operations Manager, tclynes@mcfry-excavating.com

Vicki D'Angelo:  Office Administrator, vicki@mcfry-excavating.com